Five Benefits of Having an Easy Access Bathtub

Five Benefits of Having an Easy Access Bathtub

A growing number of senior citizens are discovering the benefits of getting an easy access bathtub. These are specially designed bathtubs with features that make them easy to step into and get out of. Consider five major benefits of easy access tubs to learn why they are so popular with seniors. 

 Improved Safety 

The specific design of this tub makes bathing safer for seniors who sometimes experience muscle weakness, dizziness or have trouble maintaining their balance. These conditions along with various others cause some seniors to become reluctant to take a bath in a traditional tub for fear of slipping or falling. A person using an easy access tub doesn’t have to lower him or herself down into the water. Instead, they lower themselves onto a seat that is about the height of a chair. This decreases the chances that the person will slip or lose their balance while getting in or out of the tub. It makes bathing a lot more pleasant and takes the worry out of the process. 

A Feeling of Security 

The design of this tub gives its user a sense of security. They are more in control of the situation. There are several places to hold on while entering and exiting the tub. Plus, the seat is secure and comfortable. This can make taking a bath a much less stressful experience for seniors and others who need a little assistance. It takes the concern out of a daily or weekly bathing routine.

Anyone Can Utilize It  

Seniors aren’t the only ones who can utilize a tub with this design. Others in the household can use this tub. Anyone who uses it can enjoy a relaxing bath and wash their hair. Also, if a senior wants to sell his or her home, this type of tub can be an appealing feature to buyers who want a bathtub that is easy to use. Also, this type of feature may be appealing to an aging couple who is looking toward making the bathing process a little easier in the future. 

Modern, Stylish Bathroom Décor 

Another benefit of having a bathtub that’s easy to access is it adds style to the décor of a bathroom. The design fits in perfectly with a modern sink, mirror, toilet and other fixtures in a bathroom. The shape of this type of tub is a unique addition to a bathroom of any size. 

 Easy to Clean 

The material used to make easy access bathtubs is simple to keep clean and resists mold growth. So, along with enjoying baths any time of the day, you can be assured that your bathtub is sanitized and free of bacteria. The appearance of a bathtub is just as important as its usefulness to the people living in the household.

Finally, a bathtub with this design can be put into one bathroom in a home or all the bathrooms in a home. These tubs are suitable for guest bathrooms, family bathrooms and more. Putting an easy access tub in every bathroom makes it convenient for older members of a household to take a bath at any time.

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