Roller Doors Secure Properties at an Affordable Price

Roller Doors Secure Properties at an Affordable Price

Probably the best way to secure your business is by installing a roller door that is made of galvanised steel. This made-to-measure electric door will make it possible to secure your building and save energy at the same time. Roller doors are made for commercial use and are available in fire-rated designs. You can also select from three-phase industrial doors for your property.

Does Your Site Have a High Traffic Flow?

If you opt for a three-phase industrial door, this door is recommended for facilities with high traffic use. Therefore, the door is often opened and shut a number of times during the day. Many of the large doors weigh in at around 450 kilograms or more.

Some of the Specifications

The roller shutter curtain for three-phase industrial roller shutter doors is made from either 20- or 22-gauge galvanised steel. The bottom of the door features a T-section rail made of galvanised steel for extra strength and security. The side guide rails for the door are offered in various sizes ranging from 50 millimetres to 100 millimetres in size. A wind guide can also be included if you wish.

Standard Features

Three-phase roller doors are powered by a three-phase motor that features a safety brake. The motor that comes with the door is wired and comes with a five-pin plug. Therefore, the door is delivered, installed, and ready to connect. Three-phase roller doors also feature open and close emergency stop buttons and pre-wired low-volt starters as standard amenities.

Commercial Roller Doors

Just as three-phase roller doors, regular commercial roller doors are designed with 20- or 22-gauge steel. You can have the doors powder-coated if you so choose as well.

A Retail Recommendation

If you need a door for a retail site, you may want to consider a door with a perforated surface. This permits your customers to see your store’s display when your store is not open. However, you can still secure your store’s products even if they are highly valuable.

An Energy-Saving Upgrade

Doors that are used for warehouse sites or factories are made to be thicker. However, you can still use the same motor setup or steel guides as single skin shutter designs. The doors, which permit a minimal flow of air, come with a weather seal on the bottom. Doors save companies energy as they also feature insulation and are made with an interlocking steel design.

Enhanced Stability and Strength

You can have the commercial doors for a factory or warehouse installed either face fix to the outside of a building or face fix to the inside of a structure. A canopy is also added to the design. The bottom of the door is fitted to either an L-shaped or T-shaped bottom rail. This fitting ensures enhanced stability and strength.

Choosing a Finish

You can either choose from one of a variety of sizes or order a bespoke size of door for your property. Doors come in both insulated and non-insulated designs. Because the doors are made with galvanised steel, they will not rust. However, the finish can fade. Therefore, you can always choose a door with powder coating. If you elect to paint the door, be sure to use primer to make sure that the finish looks more professional.

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