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What Kind Of Property Deal Will Bring Value And Increase Capital Investment?

What Kind Of Property Deal Will Bring Value And Increase Capital Investment?

There are many passive investors who quietly make property deals and live comfortably. Somehow, they know which propositions will bring the value and appreciation as experience helps them to take the right decision to capitalize.  Would you like to put money in upcoming apartment projects or villa projects in Bangalore? We are jotting down some useful data to help first time and experienced investors on lucrative property deals in a city that has many types of residential projects in various stages of constructions. They range from relaxed family and luxury villas, expansive apartments dotted in various locations in the city, where people come to live and work.

Single Family Units

The most popular group of investors are interested in single family units. There are developers in Bangalore, who are catering to this large group. Depending on the income generated by a couple, they can choose homes first to live in and then rent out as they increase their portfolio of property deals. Within this group, there are passive investors who mark out a property to put funds and increase their capital investment. If they already have properties like flats or villas which they have given on rent, they are considered serious buyers by developers. Currently, all projects are available online and a potential investor can make a choice to capitalize. A few areas are better as most prestigious realty projects are in various stages of construction here. The areas that will always be good for residential and commercial projects include J P Nagar, Whitefield Road, ORR Intel, Kannamangala, Jayanagar, and Palace Road.

First Time Investors Tips

  1. Try to get middlemen (brokers, agents) out of the way. Deal directly with the builder.
  2. Go online and make a list of the areas where upcoming projects are under construction/complete. If a builder already has established property around the city, check out how well it is being maintained. You will need to make that one trip to check for yourself. Do not rely on the pictures posted online. 
  3. Online platforms have forums and local discussions between various groups of investors. Take tips from them before putting money in any project. There are residential apartments in Bangalore in J P Nagar, Whitefield Road, ORR Intel, Kannamangala, Jayanagar, and Palace Road to choose from. If a builder has multiple projects in these areas or other locations the reliability quotient is higher. 
  4. Decide if you wish to be a local or a long distance investor. If you live away from the place of venture and will not get time to check it periodically, then refrain from putting funds. Often realty projects turn into ghost towns when they are neglected by the builder and investors. The values of such homes go down and it is difficult to sell them. Homes where self management is a possibility should be considered on a priority basis. 
  5. Don’t look only for higher income yields always. Sometimes, low investment properties are better to deal with. At some point, if you wish to sell, they can be traded to another investor or a genuine user. Luxury villas for sale in Bangalore are fabulous options to park funds in.  
  6. Think of what you want from the property deal-appreciation or cash flow? This will determine in which area and type of property to put the money. In the main city, the income yield will be better rather than a property which is long distance. Some homes never grow up in value or appreciation. Stick to cash flow and keep a check for market trends.

Focus On Property Management or Self Management

Several real estate investors focus only on cracking the deal. The house also needs to be managed. Developers in Bangalore give their services for property management. Some owners do not opt for it. You will need to handle issues like-burglary, flooded bathrooms, leakage, storms, rains, walls crumbling or even some one coming there illegally when you are away… then self management is difficult. You need to trust the developer to provide local services.  Any property deal that you choose should eventually match demographics like- safety for an after-dinner walk at night, nearness a school, area where there are no community members of your type. All these points will be useful in bringing value proposition and increase in capital investment in the future.

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