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Finding Your Dream Home in Banashankari

Finding Your Dream Home in Banashankari

With the huge spurt in IT growth taking over the entire Bangalore city, and with the influx of population from across the world, Bangalore is flooding. The erstwhile popular regions like HSR Layout, Koramangala or even Whitefield are overflowing already. Because of this, the city is seeing a severe dearth in good options to reside. Residents are being charged extravagantly for mediocre housing options. Unhappy with the below average choices at hand, they are actively in search of newer and better local search out for newer and better locations that can offer them the best home.

Now, this discomfort with these already over-populated locations and the scarcity of good residential options in Bangalore has led to the rise of a number of areas. Areas like Banashankari in Bangalore are witnessing immense growth. The Banashankari region, now completely remodeled is fast being reckoned as one of the most popular real estate destinations in Bangalore

There are a number of reasons why Banashankari is being hailed upon as real estate heaven. 

The first and foremost is the fact that it is not well connected to the rest of the city. Office goers definitely do not want to travel too much, given the fact that traffic in Bangalore is troublesome. Banashankari is the perfect location, having a well-connected route to the main IT hub regions. With the presence of cabs, auto and a strong bus network, commuting to the city is not at all difficult. The best part is that Banashankari road ultimately merges with the Outer Ring Road, making it extremely accessible for the IT crowd who has their offices located across this region. Distance of home from workplace and prime role in determining the areas which people prefer to stay in. Initially, Banashankari was considered slightly remote, however now, the area is blooming, all thanks to the good transportation network that has emerged.

Quality of living plays an important role for millennials. If you are paying an extravagant amount, it is your right to receive the best of the best amenities. However, this doesn’t really seem the case in many areas in Bangalore. Home seekers are exploited and are charged exorbitant amounts while at the same time, receive sub-par housing facilities.  Home owners now understand their right and do not want to be bamboozled of their hard earned money, just in the name of location. What they want is value for money and that’s what apartments in Banashankari Bangalore offer. Residential societies in Banashankari have been carefully planned and developed with utmost care. Keeping in mind, the needs of the time, homes here offer the very best amenities at very affordable prices. 

Residential societies here have been developed keeping a strict check on all physical infrastructure. From ensuring uninterrupted water and electricity supply to maintaining a strict vigil system, homes here have it all. Bangalore residents have to deal with water and electricity issues. Even when they pay a high amount of maintenance, they still have to deal with erratic supply of water and electricity. There are frequent electricity outages and irregular supply of water. Homes in Banashankari ensure that residents have kept free from these hassles. 

Another great benefit is the presence of a secure vigil system. Banashankari apartments have a strict security system in place, ensuring the highest degree of safety of residents. With armed guards and CCTV cameras, developers have made sure that security of families is never compromised. 

Another aspect of Banashankari apartments is the presence of clubhouses and sports facilities. Home owners today seek a friendly and comfortable environment at home and if they can get an added dash of luxury then it’s icing on the cake. Developers have planned societies that offer homes that have a touch of luxuriance. Societies are replete with a number of interesting indoor and outdoor facilities and they can be very well double up as a club. Swimming pools, jogging tracks, in-complex parks, badminton courts, squash courts, basketball courts, you name it and these societies have it. It is a great experience as residents only need to step out of their home and step into a park or a pool.

With the development of enviable housing societies, Banashankari has today emerged as one of the sought after destinations for home-owners. If you are one, why don’t you check out some of the interesting societies sprouted in this area and who knows, you might just land up with your own dream home.

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